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  • Play Mahjong Solitaire Games For Free With No Sign Up And No Download

    Play Mahjong Solitaire Games For Free With No Sign Up And No Download

    Mahjong solitaire is one of the most popular games of all time. As an online version, players have the opportunity to win and test out this old and well-known game straight on their computer with ease.

    Additional Info
    • Mahjong boasts 144 tiles.
      • Tiles have different images: flowers, seasons, and numbers.
      • The goal is to match open pairs of the same tiles and put them away.
      • Players cannot see tiles that are below others.
      • Each and every tile always turns up four times.
      • Free mahjong is completed when there are no pairs left.
      • Players can restart the level by simply clicking ‘Shuffle’.

    • Screenshots
    • The original Mahjong boasts a four-player gameplay;
    • Other names include Shanghai Solitaire, electronic or computerized Mahjong, Solitaire Mahjong;
    • Brodie Lockard is responsible for creating Mahjong online in 1981;
    • Activision’s release for Macintosh, Apple IIgs and the Amiga Computer helped the game gain traction in 1986;
    • Ancient game Mahjong is still a mistery for most people.

     Mahjong Online Origins

    The traditional mahjong is originally from China and is a 4 player game. The free online Mahjong has been developed to modern standards in order for players to enjoy the best out of it. It can be played by a single player, but also in multiple players, which makes it a lot more entertaining, once adding some real money to it.

    The game is generally a game of skill, calculus and strategy, with a bit of chance too. Usually, it has a set of 136 mahjong tiles, designed with Chinese symbols. The English version, which is the well-known one, works mainly after the rules of Hong Kong. Mahjong has a lot of rules, depending on the city and the province it comes from in China.

    Rules of Free Games Mahjong 

    Free mahjong online is most popular in its standard Chinese and Hong Kong rules, as it follows:

    Traditional version:

    The most important thing to know about this classic Mahjong is that the flower and the season tiles give bonus points, and they can be enjoyed one after another. The winds are rotated after the hand finishes.

    International version:

    This version follows the same rules as the classic one, except the tiles that represent flower and season that are shown in the beginning can also be declared and replaced before the start. Winds are rotated after every hand and the points are calculated only in one step.

    The Hong Kong rule that most popular online mahjong follows on the main idea that winds are rotated the hand is done, except on east win and draw. One of each flower and season tile are used and they give fans. Points don’t matter, only fans do.

    For a hand to be eligible, it must be worth a certain number of fans. The number is usually mentioned in the name of the table. There can only be one player that declares and claims the tile.

     Mahjong Free Game Types

    There are 4 types of mahjong, such as:

    • Single hand- no wind rotation and no widespread wind.
    • East only- 4 hands, east is the widespread wind.
    • Full game: 4 round game, where strategy is the main key.
    • Tournament: it is played on a fixed time, on a seated table.

    Conclusion on Mahjong Solitaire 

    The online mahjong can be played either for fun, for money or in tournaments. The rules are similar and what’s really different about the game and any other online casino game is the fact that it’s mainly focused on strategy and skill. It can be a challenging and rewarding game!

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