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    Play Free Keno Games With No Download And No Registration


    • Widely available at most gambling establishments;
    • Has gained quite a lot of traction in recent years;
    • Lotto is a game very similar to Keno;
    • It is believed that Keno was invented during Han Dynasty in Ancient China;
    • Boasts pretty much the same rules as real life Keno;
    • Offers a unique chance to earn up to $100,000 per drawing.

    Keno is one of the most popular online casino games of all time. Originally from China, keno games have won the heart of players all over the world.

    Now it is possible to play free keno straight on your computer, just with a fast internet con-nection and skills to train.

    Additional Info
    • Players have to choose from 4 to 10 numbers between 1 and 80.
      • The computer automatically 'remembers' the selected numbers on a new blank Keno ticket that is displayed on the player's screen.
      • Numbers are called “spots”.
      • Typically, the more numbers a players chooses, the higher chances of winning he or she has.
      • 10 cents is the minimum bet.
      • If some player's selected numbers are drawn, he or she will most likely win a prize.
      • All results are immediately displayed on the computer screen.

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    How to play keno online

    Keno games are very similar to Lotto. As it grew in popularity, it has kept the same rules as the land-based Keno.

    In order to play Keno, the player must make a selection between 4 to 10 numbers between 1 and 80. The computer is going to mark automatically the selected numbers on a blank ticket shown on the screen. To increase chances of winning, the player must choose as many numbers as possible. The minimum amount that players can bet is 10 cents. If the number drawn is enough, the player can win really big prizes.

    Free keno is great because it lets players have control over everything. You have the freedom to select a set of numbers to play and the wager as well. Once you pick your numbers, 20 balls will be brought out from the 80 ball bowl. The numbers will be revealed and based on how many numbers the player has guessed, they can win the really great amount of money.

    The free keno games give beginner players the possibility to get used to the online game and not risk real money as they can play the demo version. They can take their time and practice in order to become more familiar with it.

    Experienced players can also enjoy online keno by switching off and letting the luck take over the game. They can lay back and relax as the balls float with the lucky numbers.

    Difference between Keno Online and Other Online Casino Games

    Lottery and this game are both games of fortune, but they are significantly different. One is that keno reveals wins much faster than the classic lottery games. Another difference is that for this, players buy numbers and not tickets, which increases the chances to win, as the more num-ber you purchase the bigger the chances to win.

    Much more alike casino games are online slots, as both online keno and video slots are based on luck, rather than strategy.

    Conclusion on Free Keno

    This fortune game is ideal for both new and experienced players, specifically for those who love letting fate take over their lives and reward them. It’s not a very complicated game, and with today’s technology, it can be played online with ease.

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